• Web Application and Portal Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Training & Mentoring
Web Application and Portal Development
MemCog is a UK software development company providing a highly specialised and personal development experience. Web development services range from attractive portal solutions to complex feature rich applications.
Front end solutions are designed around an MVC architecture with a strong emphasis on web standards, reliability, security and scalability. Battle tested frameworks such as ExtJS, React and Bootstrap are typically used to develop the UI, with custom CSS to give your applications a unique and personalised look.
Server side, solutions can be developed against existing infrastructure and a wide variety of existing SQL and NoSQL database solutions. For greenfield solutions, databases such as PostgreSQL or MongoDB provide a low cost of ownership. These solutions are typically developed within a service oriented architecture using SOAP, REST or JSON-RPC. Depending on existing infrastructure these services would be developed using .NET, Node.JS or where needed an industrial grade integration engine.
Using tried and tested practices, solutions are quickly prototyped to allow clients to steer the project from the front. The client always owns the final solution and will receive both the full source code as well as documentation.
Case Study: EDT Document Portal
The EDT Document Portal was developed for a large NHS Trust to integrate and manage the delivery of electronic patient documents between the Trust and GP Practices.
The portal provides a view of daily reports and the ability to manage failed deliveries. Processing upwards of a million documents a year, users can perform ultra fast searches, list, view and manage documents.
Case Study: Mirth Channel Viewer
Mirth can be a difficult Integration Engine to trace the flow of messages, particularly in a complex NHS environment.
The Mirth Channel Viewer is a web portal that was developed to visualise the flow of messages in and out of each channel. Using the channel exports, the web portal tool allows the end user to drag and drop the channels into a flow diagram that can be searched or printed.
The Mirth Channel Viewer has been used for two large PAS migrations, a Mirth to Ensemble migration and is currently being used for a second Mirth to Ensemble migration. For enquiries on using this tool please contact MemCog below.
Systems Integration
MemCog is a leading provider of Integration services with a strong track record working in the healthcare sector. MemCog's lead consultant has over 20 years experience working in the NHS, having worked with over 20 Trusts, Scottish boards, NHS Scotland, EMIS and Lab Systems.
Delivering the first Ensemble deployment in the NHS over 12 years ago and having worked with Intersystems Cache for 16 years, MemCog has a deep understanding of the inner workings of these products and can provide an unparalleled service in the market.
Recent Achievements:

  • Assisted in the conversion of Mirth from Cerner to Lorenzo at North Bristol Trust
  • Migrated the Pheonix Theater system to Ensemble at BHR University Hospital NHS Trust
  • Development on the delivery of ICE Order Comms at Central Manchester Trust
  • Development of an Ensemble RBAC portal gateway solution
  • Agile conversion of Mirth channels to Healthshare at Central Manchester Trust
  • Delivery of an electronic document solution at Derby Teaching Hospitals
  • Consulted on the conversion of Mirth to Ensemble, and Cerner to IMS Maxims at Taunton NHS Trust
  • Delivery of a sophisticated EDT portal solution at Central Manchester Trust
  • Development of a results portal solution for a legacy MSM solution
  • Currently merging two PAS systems between Central Manchester and Trafford NHS Trusts
  • Installation, administration and support of a large scale high availability Healthshare cluster at Central Manchester
Training & Mentoring
MemCog's lead consultant has trained and mentored dozens of developers across the UK. From beginners to advanced, MemCog can tailor courses specifically for your needs and direct to your doorstep. We can help you with team development, accelerated leaning, bootstrapping projects with existing development teams as well as our unique remote training and development support program.
  • Cache Object Script for beginners - prerequisite for other courses where needed (1 day)
  • Advanced Cache Object Script (1-2 days)
  • Master Ensemble / Healthshare (3-4 days)
  • Ensemble production admin (1 day)
  • Ensemble systems admin (1-2 days)
  • Master JavaScript and MVC - can be tailored specifically for Cache, Ensemble and / or Node.JS (5 days)
  • Simple web portal development with Cache & Ensemble - for non Web Developers (3 days)
  • Become a Cache / Ensemble / Healthshare Expert (6 month program)
  • Project bootstrap, training and support service (custom)
Specialists in web development, integration and innovation.
Products: OrmJS
OrmJS is an object relational mapping framework with a difference. Whilst many ORM solutions only work on the server, OrmJS works both on the browser and on the server, providing end developers with rapid development of database driven single page applications. The benefits of this design require less boiler plate code as well as providing auto completion goodness on client side objects.
Another distinctive feature of OrmJS is that it supports both relational databases and NoSQL databases such as MongoDB. This provides various benefits including rapid prototyping, schema driven development for NoSQL databases, and the option to mix and swap databases with minimal code.
OrmJS is currently underpinning a number of working projects and is supported by 30,000 automated unit tests. The solution is in the final stages of public deployment and will be released November 2016.
Products: Cortex JS
Cortex JS is a ground up UI framework developed entirely from scratch. The framework was developed for an in-house desktop grade IDE that will work in the cloud, as part of an object oriented transcompiler project. It includes widgets for border layouts, flex and fixed layours, tabs, menus, trees, accordions and forms. The framework is currently in Alpha and will be released early 2017 as an open source solution.
MemCog was founded in 2013 and has been providing a personalised software development service for both small and large customers across England, Scotland and Ireland. MemCog is also an innovative software development company having developed numerous web development frameworks and is currently working on two cutting edge frameworks for rapid application development of desktop grade application solutions.
The founder Sean Connelly has been successfully running software development companies for over 10 years and has a strong reputation for delivering mission critical solutions for over 20 NHS Trusts, Scottish Boards, NHS Scotland, EMIS, and more. Projects have included numerous TIE migrations, PAS replacements, Order Comm Integration, Electronic Document Transfer as well as many web based applications that include a Scottish wide Dental claim application, EPR Portals, Document Portals, System Portals and legacy PAS modernisation.
With deep experience with products such as Cache, Ensemble & Healthshare, Sean was responsible for the first delivery of an Ensemble based solution in the NHS back in 2005 and was part of the original OmPrompt start up company developing innovative integration solutions around Ensemble for the Logistics market. Having deployed over 20 new Ensemble solutions across the UK, Sean has established himself as a leading expert on Intersystems products and has developed and delivered personalised training courses on Cache Object Script, Web Development, Ensemble and Healthshare integration.
MemCog is located in Exeter, Devon